Maintaining software isn’t more modest than software development. It keeps solutions athletic to cope with developing technology and therefore the business environment.

Conventionally, IT service providers suggest their consumers opt for software maintenance services for the improved and steady performance of the system. When it involves software, 60% of costing is abiding for maintenance and from total software maintenance cost, 60% is for solution enhancement, as per the author of the ‘Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering,’ Robert Glass.

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Information Technology is one of the foremost refurbished domains of the industry. To steer the market, it’s necessary to adopt the newest enterprise software development trends and outrun the competition. The system is updated with upgraded and smart technologies on an everyday basis and runs seamlessly with high-end efficiency under maintenance management. At intervals, system maintenance involves advancement within the existing solution as there are requirements for brand new software development as per the market shift.

Software maintenance enhances the expansion of your software. Therefore, during this article, we are visiting to speak about different types of software maintenance, processes, maintenance cost, and key strategies to create your software successfully.

What is Software Maintenance?
If we speak about computer software maintenance, it’s an unlimited management process and a part of the SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle. the first goal of software maintenance in software engineering is to switch and update software applications after deployments to repair bugs and improve system performance. The software maintenance processes happen once the software is developed or deployed.

However, maintaining software isn’t only the scenario of the post-development process. Besides making your software error-free, you have got to form sure that the software is secure and scalable. You will feel that the software is running smoothly; thus, it doesn’t require any maintenance. But you’re wrong here! The role of solution architecture for software development in 2020 has changed, and 2022 is prepared to experience a replacement language and technology.