“Cyclists should be riding on the road, but they’re not. Instead, they are using their own lane to navigate around traffic.”

Cyclists have a unique blend of skills that make them well-suited for urban cycling. They can steer through crowds and dodge cars with ease while maintaining a steady pace at all times. However, these same skills put cyclists in danger when they ride on the road without proper protective gear or by law.

Protective Gear for the Cyclist

“The most important thing a cyclist needs is to be seen.” -Cyclist

Protective Gear: “I can’t stress how important it is for cyclists to wear some kind of protective gear. I was hit by a car at a traffic light (thankfully, I wasn’t killed). I had a helmet on and my glasses were broken. If I hadn’t been wearing these things, I would have lost my life immediately.” -Cyclist

“Cycling is one of the greatest things you can do in your life, but it’s not a great idea to ride without any protection.” -Cyclist

Apps for Cyclists

Okay, so now we know that a cyclist should have protective gears before riding out on the road. With technology today, people from different walks of life are now using certain apps to help through their daily chores, work, or routine. Let’s think about the cyclist, do they need an application to help them through their cycling activities? Let’s ask.

“I use a GPS application to track my rides.” – Jena, Cyclist UK

“The best thing about this app is that it tells you exactly where you are and how far away your destination is. I love using the maps feature on the app to plan my routes.” – Apple, Cyclist CA

“I use an application on my smartphone to track how many miles I have ridden and which route I took for each ride. This keeps me from taking the same route every time, and it also helps me stay motivated and keep track of my progress.” – Michiko, Cyclist Japan

“I use an application on my smartphone to plan all the routes I would like to take during a given time period. You can choose any route, and it will tell you all the different ways to get there. I can also add extra miles for training or just extra mileage on a specific route.” – Karen, Cyclist USA

“I use an application on my smartphone to keep track of how much time I spend on the road each day. It also tells me how much money I have saved, and where my money is going.” – Timothy, Cyclist Belgium

Cyclists from different parts of the world are using applications for their bikes. From a GPS, planning routes, tracking routes, miles, and time. All these applications come in handy with a mobile phone.

Maintenance for Cyclists Bikes

Maintenance for Bikes come in different types, and there are a lot of things to consider when buying a bike. There are many aspects that need attention so you can keep your bicycle in good working condition for years to come. With the help of bike maintenance stands from Salitomania, you can make maintenance quick and easy.

So here is some advice on maintaining your bike.

  • Check the tires and tubes regularly for cuts, cracks or damage. Tires need replacing every two to three years depending on use plus they should be replaced once a year if you ride in wet weather conditions. The same goes for tubes, and they should be changed every three to four years.
  • Check the spokes for wear and replace if needed.
  • The chain needs regular cleaning and lubrication as well as checking it regularly for wear, a good idea is to have a chain check once a month.
  • The gears need checking and lubricating regularly to prevent wear and tear on the chain, so do this every few weeks or as soon as you notice something is wrong. The bearings should be checked for free play often.
  • Check the brakes for wear, if they are dull or worn, replace them. The brake pads should be replaced every couple of years.
  • The wheels need cleaning and lubrication, but only use products approved by your bike manufacturer to avoid damage to the rims.
  • Check the cables for wear and replace if needed. The pedals also need checking for wear and adjust as needed.
  • The bottom bracket is where the crank set attaches to the frame, this should be lubricated regularly to prevent damage from rusting.

Ensure your safety. Use a Bike Maintenance Stand to help you check everything from brakes, wheels, pedals, crank set, and well, practically everything that needs checking.